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Hi, my name is Judy and I live in a small town in Ohio with my husband Milton. We are "owned" by our five "kids", Jake, Toby, Copper, Felix and Hope!


However, our kids are chihuahuas!!! In May of 1998 we lost our beloved almost 15 year old Chihuahua Pepe. After a period of intense grief I was once again ready to be loved as only a Chihuahua can love! I began searching the internet and joined a Chihuahua list. Through it I found a Chihuahua rescue group. I first applied to adopt Jake, a Chi from Tennessee needing a home. We were approved and was to pick him up in Indiana where he was being driven from Tennessee. I must tell you now that when I found out about rescue, how volunteers all over the United States drive Chi's from one point to another point where they have either reached their final destination or are driven to yet another point I was VERY impressed and volunteered to be a transporter. That is how Copper and Felix came to be adopted the same day as Jake. I was to transport them to Indiana from Ohio when picking up Jake, and in the process, fell in love with them and adopted them also. Now Toby is another story. Before I had searched the internet, I had contacted all the shelters and Humane Societies in our area for a Chihuahua. About a month after we had gotten our other boys, one of the Humane Societies contacted me about Toby, an owner release due to sad circumstances. I had made arrangements with Chihuahua rescue to take him to a foster home, as we had already found not one but three Chis. HOWEVER, my husband wanted me to bring him home first to see how he got along with our other boys. You know how that story ended!!! Now whenever I do any transports, nobody comes here first, I just drive them from wherever I pick them up to wherever I am supposed to take them, as we have a "full house". At least thats what I say, but my husband thinks there's always room for one more!!! Please, if you are considering getting a new pet, check out adopting from a rescue group. They are available for all breeds. You can just see the gratitude in their loving eyes for giving them a home of their own.
And there indeed was "room for one more"  We have now also added Hope to our Chihuahua family! I transported Hope when she first came into rescue and we later adopted her. 



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After 11 months of suffering I lost Milton on January 16, 2006.......Had he lived until today, February 7, we would have been married 30 years...........Thanks for 30 years of memories........I'll see you later!!!



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